APRIL WAS SUCH AN AMAZING MONTH, hence the title of this post. It seemed to be readathon after readathon and book after book for me! Okay, i'm gonna confess that I did have 2 weeks off work for half term. BUT STILL!
I am really proud of how much I read this month and I think it's mainly down to the amazing books involved.

Without further ado, here are the books and my MOO ratings:

             5                              4

TBR Takedown Wrap-Up

            5                                            5                                                  4  

Spring Clean Reads Wrap-Up
AuthorAThon Wrap-Up

4                                                               4                                                     3  

As you can tell from how much I read this month, I had a seriously great time and CANNOT WAITTTTT to try and beat that this month!


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