Spring Clean Reads WRAP-UP!

I think I'm going to spend every weekend reading the entire time because seriously I feel 10x happier after participating in my second weekend readathon!

Here was my TBR for Spring Clean Reads:

I was already part of the way through Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard so I managed to finish it and give it 4 stars!

For some reason I've read nothing but AMAZING 4 and 5 star reads recently!

Then I got the majority of the way through The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper by Phaedra Patrick. What a read. It's a cute little journey that turns into an exploration of Arthur's wife's life!

I am proud of myself because that's near 500 pages in 3 days which is a real achievement for me! WOO!

How did you do?
Did you enjoy it?

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