Write On Review-a-thon!

Hey everyone, this is something very different that I'm challenging myself to do. I've been a hell of a lot better this year at posting reviews. However, I am still totally behind on them...until now!

I'm participating in this event called the Write On Review-A-Thon being hosted by Book Bumblings and here's a little blurb about what it's all about and how to join in!

The Write On Review-a-Thon is a challenge for writing book reviews. From Friday through Sunday, we all band together and write as many reviews as possible. It’s a weekend for you to either catch up on reviews or get ahead on upcoming ones. It doesn’t matter if you write one review or 10 – if you write a review, you’re in. :) Join this month’s challenge here.

So, here are the reviews you can expect to see right here over the coming weekend:
I am fully aware that this is highly ambitious and I may be slightly crazy to try and take this on but we shall see how we get on! I think I'm gonna use this Review-A-Thon to also modify some older reviews on my blog. You can find all of my reviews in the RVEIEW TIME tab at the top of the page, or on this link here.

Are you participating? Let me know with a comment or a tweet to @TheBookMoo I would love to hear from you!

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