WOOOO! Today the CramAThon begins! I love this readathon because it's like let's see how much we can read just before the end of the year. How many more books can we fit into 2015? The CramAThon is the reason that there's a possibility I'll achieve my Goodreads challenge this year. I'm 7 books off so fingers crossed!

So here is my TBR in order for CramAThon. The reason I've chosen these books is because they are all small and quick reads, therefore I'll be able to read them quickly and reach my Goodreads challenge in time for the end of 2015!

Wild Song by Janis MacKay

Only We Know by Simon Packham

Birdy by Jess Vallance

I Was Here by Gayle Forman

What are you reading for CramAThon?
You can find my updates on Twitter @TheBookMoo and right here on my blog!

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