This post is to announce that I will be participating in...

If you are unsure what Blogmas actually is then here's a quick definition. Basically it's the blogging format of Vlogmas. Vlogmas is a YouTube sensation where YouTubers attempt to post a video each day in December. Normally, they vlog each day about anything they want to, it's completely under their control. So basically Blogmas is a blogging version.


I will be attempting this mammoth task with the patience of a saint...hopefully. You can look out for the usual Tuesday Talks, Top 5 Wednesday's and Reviews. However because December is the month of Christmas, be prepared for some festivities, including Christmas shopping, decorations and other Wintery posts.

Wish me good luck on this journey and I hope you all enjoy reading about my Blogmas.

You can follow me on twitter for #Blogmas updates.

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