ReadORama Round 2 TBR!

Yes, there is another ReadORama! Can I get a WOOP WOOP?!


Anyway, there was a ReadORama readathon back in March that I participated in. Here is the twitter for the readathon so you can check out any information or details you need to know. So here comes ROUND 2! DING DING!

There are a few challenges for this readathon, which I've kindly listed below and linked up my TBR!


Seriously, I can barely read one book a week so seven isn't gonna happen...

I hope I understood this topic correctly... Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief fits right?

BAM! Look at my copy of PJ!

I'm gonna tackle a few chapters of A Feast for Crows hopefully, since season five of the TV show recently finished and OH EM GEE!

I received a copy of Early One Morning by Virginia Baily from NetGalley, so thank you very much to them! I can't wait to dive into it!

Early One Morning fits RAMA in, even if i'm cheating because there is one 'A'... SHUSH!

So, let me know what you'll be reading if you're participating and what you think of my choices. Until next time, BYEEE!

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