It is currently the penultimate day of #AYEARATHON and I haven't had a great reading week so far! I finished off reading 'My Best Everything' by Sarah Tomp on Tuesday and didn't start on 'A Storm of Swords' until Friday! WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT?! I just didn't want to pick up 'A Storm of Swords' knowing that it is a slow moving series. Brilliant but I've been cattle prodding my way through it!

So, I was 30 pages in when I left it for 4 months without reading a single page. When I picked it up on Friday, I decided to just start it from the beginning again and managed to read 166 pages!

How proud of me are you?! That is a great reading day for me, so I decided to carry on the sprinting today and so far I've managed to read 30 pages and it's just the afternoon.

That's my update so far but there will be a wrap-up on Monday so stay tuned for that!

I'll just go back to reading like a madwoman now...bye!

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