#AYearAThon TBR

Yayyyyy, #AYearAThon is here again! Starting today, #AYearAThon is a week-long Readathon. This month's topic is Fanatasy/Sci-Fi so I'm just gonna let you guys know what i'm reading for the week! Don't get excited because I always do awfully at Readathon's, so I'm not setting the bar very high this week.

I'll be diving into A Storm of Swords, Part 2: Blood and Gold this week, which as you can see on the right, I've been reading since November/December 2014. Whoops! So hopefully i'll finish my current read, My Best Everything, today and begin the 3rd installment of the A Song of Ice and Fire Series by George R.R. Martin. Happy Reading guys and good luck to everyone participating!

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