Top 5 Wednesday: Bookish Habits

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Top 5 Wednesday is set up Lainey over at this channel, gingerreads lainey and the good reads group is here if you want to join in with us.

Today's topic is: Bookish Habits

5) Rating everything with 4/5 stars
I'm way too generous, not that this is a bad thing but I generally rate books straight after finishing them which means they get a high rating. I only ever give 3 stars if I've gotten to the end and I'm unhappy with it. When I revisit my goodreads read books I always change ratings because I think, it was good but not that good.

4) Reading multiple books at one time
I am awful at doing this. It can be confusing if books are of a similar genre. I'm currently reading Say Her Name by James Dawson (*ahem* signed), A Storm of Swords by George R.R Martin and The Iron King by Julie Kagawa. I'll admit that I've abandoned The Iron King because it wasn't my type of book and A Storm of Swords is a big-ass book so I needed a release with a smaller book, hence Say Her Name (which is shit scary by the way!).

3) Being way too ambitious with my Readathon TBR's
As you have probably already guessed, I'm not very realistic with my TBR's. I tend to overdo it and then realise during the readathon that I will definitely not finish my TBR list.
Exhibit A: ReadORama TBR post.
Exhibit B: ReadORama Wrap-up post.

2) Biting my nails
Disgusting, I know. I'm truly sorry to mention this one, but when a book is scary or intense or action packed, I swear my fingers are in danger of being bitten off!

1) Buying books, knowing that my TBR pile is over 200 books...
So, I have a serious book buying addiction where I have to have every book known to man even though my reading pace is like a snail...

Thank you for tuning into Top 5 Wednesday!

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