ReadORama Wrap-up!

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If you don't know what ReadORama is then where have you been hiding?! Here is the twitter profile for the readathon so you can get all the information you need.

In this post, I am pioneering a new improved rating system called the 'Moo' system. This will be exactly the same concept as the star rating system except stars will be replaced with 'Moo's' that look like this Got it? Get it? Good.

I set out to read 5 books for this ReadAThon but only managed to read 2. I read:

As White As Snow by Salla Simukka

Moo Rating: 

I enjoyed this book but the ending left a bitter taste in my mouth. I felt that it was a let down, although there may be more to it in the 3rd book, As Black As Ebony. I love Lumikki Andersson and the fast paced writing style of this book. I would definitely recommend this series, As Red As Blood (book one) was my favourite.

Unspeakable by Abbie Rushton

Moo Rating: 

This book. Seriously. Read it now. Megan at first is a very shy and sheepish character who is a mystery considering she hasn't spoken since the accident. Enter Jasmine: chatty, quirky and cool. Also Cyprian, which I love because when do you ever read about characters from there?! Basically, Jasmine is Megan's shining light who guides her out of a depressive, self-loathing hole. Also, the fact that the main character is LGBT is a major stride in YA fiction because its not a book about sexuality, its just simply a sideline to the major plot! AND AND isn't your stereotypical gay best friend character, or butch lesbian. It is simply a teenage girl who falls in love with another teenage girl, hey presto! This explanation is like a huge ramble but seriously shows my love for this book, and I haven't even mentioned the main plot or major plot twist! Go read it now. Now.

Anyway, I was hoping to have read more during this ReadORama but I'm still happy to have read 2 great books in just a week. One of which is signed (Sorry, I had to get that in there...).

I'm still waiting for you to leave by the way. Seriously. GO! NOW!

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